Building Resilience

Many of us in the social justice movement come to this work with accumulated trauma that both hurts us and helps us to understand ourselves more wholly and deeply. Burnout happens, especially when we’re passionate about what we’re doing, and we put our whole selves in it.

Many of us also come to this work with a powerful desire to celebrate ourselves, our whole selves. To move from trauma and burnout to celebration, we need resilience.

All of us have successfully handled crises and challenges. All of us have made it through conflict, intact, at some point in our lives. All of us have become wiser and more resilient through these experiences.

So how are you resilient?
In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to remember how you show up when you are whole, and all the dimensions of your life that keep you whole. You’ll identify how you become challenging to others when your wholeness is eroded. And you’ll define practices that support you to rejuvenate, recharge, and become whole again.

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