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Transitions and traumatic life events – graduation, unemployment, retirement, changes in relationships, in work, in financial or physical health, the death of a loved one – offer an opportunity to stay the course or shift our path. But many of us don’t know how to navigate these changes, or to slow down and recalibrate.

In our daylong public retreat, participants examine their life experiences through a facilitated set of exercises and develop an in-depth understanding of the explicit and implicit values by which they live and wish to live, explore their life’s purpose and develop a mission statement, and identify what areas of their life need balancing. Participants consider internal and external barriers that affect their ability to live a values-based and balanced life, identify sources of resilience and support to bolster their ability to survive challenges, and develop a realistic plan to integrate these into their daily lives.

We also offer customized workshops for specific groups of participants:

University students

Nonprofit leaders at the cusp of succession planning

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