Intentional Life Planning for Student Success

We know that students’ attentions are pulled in a thousand different directions — selecting classes; choosing a major; engaging in leadership and extracurricular activities; finding work to pay for next semester’s tuition — not to mention spending time with family and friends. It can be overwhelming. For low-income/queer/first-generation students and/or students of color, balancing coursework, homework, extracurricular activities, employment, and leisure can stretch them to breaking point.

Intentional Life Planning offers strategies and tools to help students with values-driven goal-setting and life balance. In the daylong retreat, participants examine their life experiences through a facilitated set of exercises and develop an in-depth understanding of the explicit and implicit values by which they live and wish to live, explore their life’s purpose and develop a mission statement, and identify what areas of their life need balancing. Participants identify internal and external barriers to achieving their stated goals; sources of resilience to bolster their ability to survive challenges; and a realistic action plan to integrate these into their daily lives.

Through participation in the workshop, students will more confidently step into their values, stay true to their priorities, and ultimately achieve their life purpose.

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