Intentional Life Planning for Leaders in Transition

Everyone knows how important nonprofit leadership succession planning is. Management trainings emphasize it. Funders support it. Conscientious nonprofit leaders put thought, care, and sweat into ensuring that they leave their organization in the best shape possible upon their departure. What’s missing in all of this? The transition of the current leader into the next, new, nebulous phase of their own life.

What’s next for you? What new adventures are awaiting you? What are you being called to do now?

Our Intentional Life Planning workshop is designed to offer transitioning leaders renewed clarity and purpose. It’s for leaders who are seeking rejuvenation. It’s for leaders who may be uncertain about their future or who are feeling bored or burnt out by their current path. It’s for leaders who knows there are things they’re meant to do in their next phase of life, but are not sure how to intentionally articulate and plan for them.

In this guided retreat, we offer strategies and tools to help you set your personal intentions for the next phase of your life. Participants will redefine and clarify your values and mission; apply a balanced-wheel-of-life approach to identify what areas of your life need nurturing; and set value-based goals.

Our Intentional Life Planning workshop offers participants an opportunity to reconnect with their values and higher purpose; learn how to make choices that reflect that higher purpose; and generate values-based goals, and create a support system that leads them toward their next phase of life and leadership.

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