Intentional Life Planning for Couples

For some couples, life together centers love and a deep commitment to each other. For some, life together is about a shared journey, filling every nook and cranny with adventure. For still others, life together centers around common values – building family, fighting for social justice, and pursuing our dreams. What is your center?

Intentional Life Planning for Couples provides a guided space to retreat, reconnect, and rejuvenate shared intentions around what is most meaningful to your lives and how you want to walk in the world together. This workshop applies Intentional Life Planning themes to your journey as a couple, and we invite you to co-create a path that integrates and balances your individual mission and values with your shared mission and values. We also explore intentions and set commitments around communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution – cornerstones that set a strong foundation for the journey together.

Please note: We expect both members of the couple to have individually attended an Intentional Life Planning retreat.