About Mala and Vega

We believe in this process because we’ve been transformed.

In 2003, we started on our own journey of intentional life planning and reflection. Through the years, we’ve refined our goals, revised our plans, and revitalized our souls through this personal strategic planning process. What we’ve pulled together in our workshop is an evidence-based, thoroughly researched process for individuals to begin their own journey, to discover their own path, and to more intentionally make the impact they seek to make.

Mala Nagarajan is an organizational development consultant and trainer, and facilitates Intentional Life Planning workshops across the U.S. Active in LGBTQ POC organizations since the early 1990s, including leadership positions at the local, statewide, and national levels, she passionately advocates on issues impacting people with disabilities, people of color, and LGBTQI communities. See more at LinkedIn Mala Nagarajan.

Vega Subramaniam is a career and leadership coach with years of experience facilitating intentional life planning workshops for activists, nonprofit staff and leaders, and others. She is a long-time activist promoting gender, racial, LGBTQ, and economic justice. She is also a social scientist and academic. For 13 years, she taught sociology and advised low-income undergraduate students and students of color. She also led student service programs at universities and foundations designed to increase access to higher education for low-income and underrepresented students. See more at LinkedIn Vega Subramaniam.

Vega Mala Consulting: After decades working with community organizations and nonprofits in various capacities, we started Vega Mala Consulting to help support our communities and the social justice work we so deeply care about.

Our passion is to help people transform, organizations work smarter, and collaborations grow stronger.

Our mission is to serve, support, and strengthen progressive, mission-driven individuals, organizations, and coalitions, so they may have greater impact doing what they do best.

We envision an equitable, enduring, and nurturing community empowered and embraced by strong, sustainable nonprofit and community organizations.

You can find out more about us at Vega Mala Consulting.

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