Intentional Life Planning

Define your values and let them be your lighthouse

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed? Constantly pulled in a hundred directions – from work, home, family, community work, or just spending a night out with friends? Do you feel directionless, or like you’re spinning in your own head and need a way to push through the murk?

The Intentional Life Planning Workshop is designed to offer clarity, purpose, and a path. It’s for people who find themselves overwhelmed, uncertain about their future, and seeking clarity and rejuvenation. It’s for nonprofit staff and leaders who are feeling bored or burnt out by your current path. It’s for people in higher ed or government who want your values to guide your lives. It’s for anyone who feels like there are things you want to do, but somehow you’re not getting around to them.

In this guided workshop, we’ll offer strategies and tools to help you set your personal intentions and bring balance to your life. From defining your values and mission to applying a Balanced Wheel of Life approach to practicing values-based time management, these strategies and tools will help you to shape a more intentional life.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, May 11th
Stuart Center
821 Varnum St. NE
Washington, DC 20017
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